5 Cinco de Mayo Recipes for the Whole Family

Trying to come up with a cute way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo with your kids? In need of last minute inspiration?! That’s where we come in. Here at Birdie Bean, we love helping you with creative and easy ways to make fun memories with your kids! 

Whether you’ve celebrated Cinco de Mayo before, or you just need recipe inspiration for this weekend, this post has some cute ideas for the whole family. 

5 Cinco de Mayo Recipes for the Whole Family

These recipes are all healthy, kid friendly and easy to make vegetarian! Hopefully we help you discover a new recipe that will become a family favorite or yearly tradition in your house. 

Healthy 7-Layer Taco Dip

Growing up, my mom always made her famous 7-layer dip – but here’s the thing… It wasn't very healthy. And it definitely wasn’t something you could easily make vegetarian (or vegan). Today I’ve found an amazing 7-layer dip recipe that reminds me of my childhood! But it’s a healthy spin that makes sure your kids are getting a meal packed with veggies. 

You can easily tailor this recipe to what you have on hand – and your families dietary choices. This recipe is vegan, but you can easily replace the vegan cheese with regular cheese and add sour cream. 

Follow along with Nutriciously’s 7-Layer Dip, perfect for Cinco de Mayo, here.

Vegetarian Chilaquiles Casserole

Quite possibly the easiest dinner you will ever make! (And one of the quickest!) Which means if your kids came home from school today asking about Cinco de Mayo – you have a new super power up your sleeve. If superpowers came in the form of easy to make Mexican dishes… 

This recipe helps you use up those old, stale bags of tortilla chips that you haven’t eaten since the salsa ran out… And you could sneak a lot of chopped veggies in there. With only six ingredients, you can really customize and make this your own. 

Follow along with the chilaquiles casserole recipe here

Vegetarian Tacos with Spicy Crema

For a fun spin on taco night, make these vegetarian tacos with homemade spicy crema. Crema is a Mexican dairy product that’s a must-have additional on taco night! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to make at home. 

We love these vegetarian tacos because they’re so customizable – and a great way to make sure the whole family is eating enough veggies, but you can definitely add beans, meat or anything else to this recipe. 

Make vegetarian tacos this Cinco de Mayo! We found this easy recipe you can follow along. 

Churro Poppers

If you’re looking for a last minute way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at home, try these gluten-free churro poppers. 

Churros are our favorite Spanish treat, but we never thought they’d be this easy to make at home. 

These churro poppers are described as “soft, doughy, and coated in cinnamon and sugar.” We’re drooling just thinking about them. We also love that there’s a gluten free option that’s so easy to make yourself. You’ll have these whipped up in about 30 minutes. 

Make churro poppers for Cinco de Mayo with Fork & Beans recipe

Pineapple Agua Fresca

Having a ‘themed-drink’ even for simple dinners at home can make for a more memorable experience for your kids! And if you’re looking for the perfect Cinco de Mayo drink, look no further. Agua Fresca is a fun way to spice up your water, creating a kid-friendly mocktail that’s filled with fresh fruit. 

You really only need 5 ingredients to make this refreshing Agua Fresca for Cinco de Mayo. Plus, it only takes 5 minutes to prep! Make this Cinco de Mayo stand out. Follow along with this easy pineapple Agua Fresca recipe from Namely Mary

Does your family celebrate Cinco de Mayo? We love helping you come with easy and creative ways to make memories as a family. So whether it’s your first time celebrating Cinco de Mayo, or it’s a favorite every year, we hope that some of these recipes might make it into the ‘family-traditions’ category for your Birdies childhood. 

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Happy Cinco de Mayo Birdies!