5 Occasions to Wear Matching Pajamas

Around here, matching pajamas are always a good idea! They’re a fun way for families and friends to create lasting memories (while looking adorable). Matching family pajamas are perfect for holidays, family gatherings, and cozy nights in. 

When it comes to cute styles and adorable prints, we have something for everyone! And with the holidays coming up, you’ll finally have an idea for everyone on your list

Here are five ways that we love to incorporate matching pajamas into holidays, events, and fun with our friends! 

Matching Holiday Pajamas

The holidays are right around the corner which means we had to start with holiday-matching pajamas! 

Growing up, matching pajamas were always a tradition in our family. Every year at our family Christmas party, our grandparents would give us matching pajamas that we would wear to sit on Santa’s lap! It made for the cutest Christmas photos of the whole family. 

Unfortunately, back then, no one was making matching pajamas for the kids and grownups, so our grandparents never got to match with us. With Birdie Bean, we have sizes from preemie all the way to 3XL for men and women. This means matching pajamas for the kids and grandparents! This is such a special way to keep our family tradition alive. 

Shop comfortable bamboo pajamas for the holidays here. 

Movie Night Matching Pajamas

At our house, we love family movie nights! And we can’t think of anything better than matching pajamas for the occasion. Whether it’s a family movie night, or premier night with the girls, matching pajamas are sure to make the night (and the photos) cuter! 

We have a new relaxed style for women in colors that everyone will adore. If you and your girlfriends have been waiting for a new series to be released or a new movie to be out, you might as well dress up (or down!) for the occasion! 

Matching Pajamas for Slumber Parties

Growing up, the best birthday parties were slumber parties! And now that we’re adults, the best birthday parties are the ones where we get to go away with the girls for the weekend. 

Whether you’re planning a slumber party for yourself or your little one, matching pajamas are a must-have! Find adorable prints and styles for the kids (with matching add-ons for their teddy bears) and comfortable luxury for you and the girls. Matching pajamas and slumber parties will never go out of style. 

Plus, it doesn’t have to be a birthday party to call for matching pajamas! They’re also a fun and unique gift for a bridal party. Let everyone pick their favorite color and get matching sets of luxurious bamboo pajamas. 

Getting dressed up in matching pajamas makes for perfect photo opportunities. Whether it’s the bachelorette weekend or wedding day and you’re all getting ready together, matching pajamas will make for an extra special day!

Coming Home From the Hospital Matching Pajamas

Matching pajamas for mom and baby are a must! Pack one of our adorable convertible newborn rompers into your hospital bag for the picture-perfect ‘going home’ moment. If you already have little ones at home, make sure to include them in matching pajamas, this can help kids be more excited for this new sibling to come home! 

And with bamboo, you don’t have to worry about sensitive skin! Our fabrics are safe for new moms and new babies. Bamboo is a fabric that you can love. 

Shop coming home from the hospital matching sets. 

Matching Pajamas for Family Vacations

Having the opportunity to take the whole family on vacation is something that we’ll never take for granted. The memories last forever, but so do the photos. Imagine the adorable family photos you’ll get on your next vacation with matching family pajamas. 

It can be especially sweet to include the grandparents if they’re going on vacation with you. Some nights you’ll just want to cuddle together in a hotel room watching movies, you might as well do it in comfort and style! 

Matching pajamas are the cutest way to show off your family’s personality and style! Especially when you pick adorable prints and styles from Birdie Bean. We have new designs from Care Bears to New Year’s Eve! Today we’ve shared just a few ideas on how to incorporate matching jammies into your holidays and fun! But we want to know, how do you create memories in matching pajamas? 

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