A Day at the Ball Parks: Tips for Enjoying the Game with Little Kids

Our family loves baseball. As a kid, my brother played baseball and my sister played softball all through college. We frequently went to Rangers games (growing up in Texas), and for years, baseball was the soundtrack to my summers. Going to the ballpark takes me right back to my childhood – and I love to share that with my kids. 

We recently launched our baseball collection which has been a home run! From our new stroller plushies, to styles for the whole family, we’ve loved sharing this collection with you and seeing you love it just as much as we do. 

Let’s keep the love of baseball going! Taking the kids to a game can be amazing, but also a lot of work. Baseball games run long, temperatures are hot, and little Birdies can require a lot of attention. That’s why we’re putting together a few tips to help you enjoy the game with little kids. 


A Day at the BallParks: Tips for Enjoying the Game with Little Kids

First things first, do your kids need a ticket to the game? We’ve done a lot of research on this topic… and unfortunately the answer isn’t universal! It’s totally dependent on the team, ballpark and state that you’re in. Your best bet is to check whether or not your Birdie will need a ticket, before you buy your tickets.  

Now, while we can’t advise you on buying tickets, hopefully these tips will help you enjoy the game with your kids. 

Find space to spread out

If your little kid is under the age where they need a ticket, they’ll likely be expected to sit on your lap for the whole game. Trust me, that gets tiring for you and them! 

To help with this, try to sit in a less crowded part of the ballpark. Obviously you won’t be able to do this for a sold-out game, but for the average team on the average night, you should be able to sit in a less crowded part of the park. 

And this means your little one can sit next to you throughout the game. 


Buy your tickets early

If you aren’t able to spread out – buy your tickets early to make sure you get an aisle seat. This makes it easier to go get snacks, use the bathroom or run off with a fussy toddler without annoying the people around you. 

You can also buy tickets around the ballpark’s activities for kids! They often have ‘Junior Saturdays’ which will mean additional activities for your little ones throughout the game. 

Take a carrier or stroller

Most ballparks have stroller/carrier ‘parking’, which is essentially like a coat check for strollers. Trust me, your arms are going to want a break. Take a stroller so that you don’t end up exhausted before the game even starts. Or so you aren’t arguing with your toddler to walk ‘just a bit further’. 

Pack lots of snacks

Double check the rules at the park, but they usually allow you to bring snacks as long as they’re bagged and organized/not going to make a mess. You can’t usually bring drinks, but you can bring a water bottle to fill up there. 

Snacks can be a great way to keep kids happy and entertained. We recommend bringing at least one snack per inning! 

If you don’t want to pack your pantry, you can buy snacks at the park. We often buy the kids an ice cream if they’re flagging in the 5th inning, to get us through to the 7th inning. 

Leave early

Unless it’s a tied game, we always leave a bit early. Leaving early is the best way to beat the crowds, get back on the train or back in the car before everyone is trying to leave. It’s not always fun, but we’ll sometimes leave during the 8th inning just to get out before everyone else. 

Bring back up entertainment 

Throw easy activities in your bag (yes, including the iPad!!) so that you can keep the little ones entertained if all else fails. You’ll get to see more of the game if your little kid has something else to entertain themselves with. 

As I mentioned, baseball games can be long, so don’t be afraid to give them the iPad for a little while. We also bring books, a notebook, crayons and stickers to entertain. 

Start small

Going to a major league baseball game can be expensive! Especially when you have to buy tickets for your kids. Start small and watch a minor league baseball game first. This way, you can test drive what works for you and your kids. Then when you do go to a major league baseball game, you’ll all be able to enjoy it more. 

And most importantly, be patient! If it doesn’t go as planned, try again next year when your kids are just that much older. In the meantime, you can watch baseball at home (in your coziest baseball jammies!!) and get the whole family excited about the game. 

Don’t forget to shop our latest baseball collection, we hope you love it as much as we do! Make sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook (@birdiebeanbaby) so we can see your birdies in the wild. What sport should we highlight next?