Cool off from hot weather (with NEW Birdie Bean Swim)

Hi, Birdies! Here at Birdie Bean, we love summer, and this one is a scorcher. While our bamboo viscose is guaranteed to keep your family cool this summer, we also have some ideas to help you beat the heat at home! 

And we want to formally introduce you to our favorite new release: Birdie Bean Swim.

Introducing Birdie Bean Swim 

This summer we launched our first swim collection. We know how much you already love our bamboo viscose fabric, so we set out to make swimwear that’s just as sustainable and safe on your Birdie’s sensitive skin. Without sacrificing adorable prints and styles.

Swim that’s safe on sensitive skin

Our new swimwear is made from 80% nylon, and 20% spandex on the outer layer, and the lining is 100% polyester. And we’re proud to announce that our new swimwear has been ​​OKEO-TEX® certified. With this rating, you can be certain that every component of our swim, i.e. every thread, lining, and other accessories, has been tested for harmful substances and that our swim contains NONE. 

That means no harsh chemicals as we take great pride in taking care of your kid’s skin. 

Thoughtful details parents (and kids) love

Check out these adorable details! 


We specifically designed our swimwear line with all of the flourishes and touches that we know you love. We’re talking flutter sleeves, bright prints, and modest swimwear that you can feel confident putting your kiddos in. Our trunks are lined with a brief insert/lining and feature drawstrings for an adjustable waistband (no more saggy drawers!).

With even more coming soon!

This is just the beginning of swimwear by Birdie Bean. We already have plans for more styles, prints, and colors in the future. 

We’ve put so much thought and care into this collection and we can’t wait for your Birdies to discover their new favorite swim. Make sure to shop your favorite styles before they sell out. 

4 Ways to cool off from hot weather at home this summer

Now that you’ve shopped for your favorite Birdie Bean swim, let’s use it to cool off this summer. Beat the heat at home with these fun backyard activities you can do with your kids. 

1. Set up a backyard waterslide

You don’t need to go out and buy a backyard waterslide. Chances are you can make your own with 3 things you already have at home. A tarp, cheap soap/shampoo/bubble bath, and a garden hose! Simply spread the tarp out in your backyard, spray it with the water hose and throw some of the soap on there. 

Then throw on your favorite Birdie Bean swimsuits and start slipping and sliding. 

We recommend using a sensitive skin soap that’s free from chemicals to protect your swimwear and your Birdie’s skin. 

2. Ice Age Sensory Bin

You know how much we love sensory activities here at Birdie Bean, so if you’ve got toddlers at home, we recommend creating an Ice Age sensory bin to beat the heat this summer. Happy Hooligans have the coolest idea for an Ice Age sensory bin, that won’t cost you anything. Check it out here

3. Backyard car wash/Doll laundry day

Depending on what your kids love playing with, you can set up a backyard car wash or laundry day. 

Gather up all the cars, tractors, and trains that you have lying around, and line them up outside. Using Tupperware containers you can set up a backyard car wash. You can use 3 stations for your car wash. Station one is a place for the cars to get dirty. If you don’t want to make a mess with dirt, use shaving cream. Then have a station for the cars to get rinsed, and a platform where they can dry. 

Another alternative to this activity is a doll laundry day. Gather up all of your kid's favorite doll's clothing and throw them in a Tupperware with water. You can add a tiny bit of detergent to a separate bin to have a ‘wash and rinse’ element. Then hang them up to dry on a mini-clothes line. 

4. Backyard splash pool

And of course, our favorite way to beat the heat at home is with a backyard splash pool. You can find one on Amazon for as little as $20. We break ours out every summer and the kids love it. We’ll put our feet up in the sun with a book while the kids splash and play for hours. 

However you choose to beat the heat this summer, don’t forget to do it in our new Birdie Bean swim! We can’t wait to hear what you (and your Birdies) think of our newest collection.

Shop Birdie Bean Swim before it sells out!