Valentine's Day Recipes for the Whole Family

It’s hard to believe that Valentine’s Day is already fast approaching when it feels like we’ve just started the new year! 

Speaking of the new year, one of our goals in 2024 is to help you create memories and spend quality time together as a family. We’re on a mission to share the best (easy) recipes and fun activities that you can do with your birdies this year. 

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Now let’s dive into celebrating Valentine’s Day as a family and create some amazing Valentine’s Day Traditions – Care Bears style. 

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a Family

Valentine’s Day is a season of love – from date night with your partner to celebrating Galentine’s with your besties, people around the country come together in some way every February. This year, spread that love to your birdies as well by creating some special Valentine’s Day family traditions. 

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A few other ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day as a family include:

  • Make a special evening meal together 
  • Write ‘Thank You’ notes to each other
  • Write ‘Things I Love About You’ lists for each other
  • Encourage a love of reading 
  • Bake a Valentine's-themed treat together 
  • Do a Valentine’s Day craft or print out some Valentine’s Day 

Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

In our house, one of our favorite ways to keep the kids entertained while we cook is through downloadable coloring pages. We love that you can print so many amazing coloring pages out from home – meaning there’s no fighting over coloring books or running to the store to buy more. 

To celebrate our newest Care Bear collection, they’ve shared some fun Valentine’s Day and Care Bear-themed coloring pages with us. Print out your favorites and set the kids up to color while you whip up some fun Valentine’s Day recipes for the whole family! 

Valentine’s Day Recipes for the Whole Family

Yogurt Covered Strawberries

Healthy and tasty – that’s the theme of our recipes this year. We love finding recipes that sneak in an extra helping of fruits and veggies without sacrificing flavor or in this case, creativity! These are the perfect Valentine’s Day treat! 

For these Valentine’s Day-themed yogurt strawberries, you’ll only need 3 ingredients:

  • Strawberries
  • Vanilla Yogurt 
  • Food Coloring (only a couple of drops) 

(You could also make this recipe with strawberry-flavored yogurt for a natural pink coloring.)

 You can follow along with this easy recipe here.

Pink Velvet Care Bear Waffles

If you’re looking for the most adorable Valentine’s Day breakfast, look no further than the new Care Bear’s Waffle Maker (available at Hobby Lobby). However, let’s make these even cuter with the help of Stephanie from Somewhat Simple. She’s put together a fluffy pink velvet waffle batter that screams Valentine’s Day and would look adorable printed with Care Bears. 

Add some fresh fruit like raspberries and strawberries, throw on your Care Bear’s Valentine’s Day pajamas, and throw the ultimate Valentine’s Day Brunch. 

Follow along with Stephanie’s pink velvet waffles here

Rainbow Fruit Sticks 

Pulling inspiration from the Care Bear’s original party cookbook, let’s make Rainbow Fruit Sticks! This is a recipe that our mom used to make all the time when we were kids and unfortunately, we no longer have our copy of the party cookbook, but this has remained a family favorite. 

To make Care Bear’s Rainbow Fruit Sticks you’ll need:

  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Green Grapes
  • Orange slices
  • Toothpicks 

Then it’s easy! Cut the top of the strawberries off and then stack the fruit in this order: strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and then orange slices. Once you’ve put all the fruit onto the toothpicks, lie them out in the shape of a rainbow. 

If you’re looking for an easy and healthy after-school snack (and activity) this is it! 

Banana Beet Cupcakes with Berry Cream Cheese Frosting 

Adorable pink cupcakes filled with vegetables?! It must be too good to be true! Heather from Happy Kids Kitchen has shared the ultimate Valentine’s Day treat with us. We love that within each of her recipes, she shares bits and pieces that the kids can do to get involved. 

We also love that this recipe calls for bananas, beets, and whole-wheat flour and the cupcakes themselves are dairy-free. They’re also light, fluffy, and just the right amount of sweet. 

Follow along with Heather’s recipe to make the perfect Valentine’s Day treat here.

Chocolate Banana Sundae Bites

If your goal is to get your birdies to eat as much fruit as possible this year, you’re in luck! We’ve picked recipes for this entire roundup that are packed with fruit and veg, like these banana sundae bites. Emilie from Finding Zest shared this recipe along with adorable photos of her son helping to make the treat. 

When we made these, we swapped the maraschino cherries out for fresh raspberries and they were a huge hit with our birdies! Make your own chocolate banana sundae bites here

Care Bear Mini Personal Pizzas

It’s no secret that both kids and Care Bears love pizza. That’s what inspired our newest Care Bear Collection (OUT NOW!), and that’s what’s going to inspire our last Valentine’s Day recipe for your family. 

Pizza night is sacred in our household. Especially when the kids get to make their personal-size pizzas with their favorite toppings. We love this recipe from Design, Eat, Repeat because her dough is so easy to make. She has some recommended toppings, but the best part of these personal pizzas is that you can put whatever toppings you want on them! 

But if you want to stick with the theme of Care Bears for this pizza night, we recommend cutting up a variety of toppings in all the colors of the Care Bears. You could also cut toppings into the shapes of hearts, or turn your pizza dough into hearts to celebrate Valentine’s Day. 

Let your imagination and creativity run wild, just like the Care Bears inspired us to do throughout our childhoods. 

And follow along with our favorite mini-pizza recipe here

Happy Valentine’s Day! Thank you for following along our journey and we hope these recipes and ideas help bring your family a little closer together this Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget to shop our Valentine’s Day Collection and celebrate the season of love with our newest Care Bear Collection – all out now. 

We can’t wait to see Birdie Bean in the wild this year! Make sure to tag us on Instagram (@birdiebeanbaby) and let us know what your family's favorite holiday traditions and treats are.