Get To Know Birdie Bean’s Story

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Here at Birdie Bean, we wear many hats (literally and figuratively, of course!). We are a one-of-a-kind, women-led brigade that's taken on the kids' fashion world. We believe in pink ballet-inspired dresses for Mondays and dinosaur prints on Thursdays. After all, who says our little munchkins can't be the best-dressed in town? 

At Birdie Bean, we're more than a team - a dynamic, fiery sisterhood. We transform everyday wear into a statement. We're designing not just kids' clothing but a confidence-boosting experience. Shop our collection from back-to-school to glow-in-the-dark Halloween PJs. We even have hypoallergenic fabrics. Let's go! 


children wearing hats

We Are Committed To Sustainability 

At Birdie Bean, we're crafting adorable kids' clothing for your little ones and weaving in a strong thread of sustainability. We believe in a future where our kids can enjoy clean air, green trees, and clear waters. 

We don't just stitch together adorable clothes for your little ones. Nope, we weave in ethics at the heart of every thread, ensuring our cute ensembles aren't leaving a not-so-cute footprint on our planet. And our designs? They're more than just pleasing to the eye - they're meaningful, created to let your kiddo express their unique style. 

We Give Back To Our Community 

At Birdie Bean; our heart is as big as our imagination for pint-sized fashion! We believe in sprinkling kindness everywhere we go, so part of our sales heads straight to charitable organizations. 

Our commitment to giving back is stitched into every Birdie Bean garment. When you shop with us, you're upgrading your child's wardrobe and making a difference.

Birdie Bean Clothing Line: Where Uniqueness in Design Soars Above the Rest

Ready to shake up your kiddo's wardrobe with some serious pizzazz? Look no further than Birdie Bean's unique designs that are as fun as they are fashionable. We're talking back-to-school cool, ballet-inspired elegance and Halloween styles that glow in the dark. We even have hypoallergenic fabric for your little ones. 

We have a style for every wild adventure your little one can dream up. We have farm-fresh fashions to safari-chic and even monster truck madness. So why settle for ordinary when you can shop our best-selling collection and let their personality shine?