5 Things We Can do to Protect the Ocean

Here at Birdie Bean we have two very important collections out right now – our bumbling bees and fabulous fishes. We want these prints especially to bring awareness to two huge issues facing our planet right now – a dying bee population and threatened oceans. 

We know the importance of taking care of our planet, and our passion for the planet is one of the reasons we started using bamboo, one of the most sustainable sources of materials for clothing. It’s also why we make convertible rompers, to help your baby's clothes grow with them, so you have to buy fewer sizes as they grow so quickly. 

With these two beautiful new collections out – we thought we’d take a minute to share with you how you can teach your kids about saving our oceans and bees! 

How We Can Conserve Our Oceans

The oceans are one of the most valuable resources on our planet. They provide us with food, transportation and of course, fun! Unfortunately the oceans are also under threat from our activities, such as pollution, overfishing and climate change. The declining health of our oceans is a serious problem that affects everyone, including our Birdies! But, there are lots of things kids can do to learn more about the oceans, and act as ocean stewards.

5 Things We Can do to Protect the Ocean

Reduce plastic use

One of the biggest problems facing our oceans is plastic pollution. Unfortunately, over 8 million metric tons of plastic ends up in the ocean every single year. Plastic is harmful to marine life and takes a long time to break down. We can all help tackle pollution by using less plastic and recycling it whenever you can. 

You can let your kids pick out their own reusable water bottles and lead by example by bringing your own reusable bags to the grocery store. Always make sure to avoid using single use plastic, like utensils and straws whenever possible. 

Keep the beach clean

Help to keep the beaches clean! This can be as simple as picking up trash with your kids at your local beaches, or even when you see trash on the beach on holiday. You can also participate in beach cleanups that local schools and organizations host. 

Be mindful of seafood choices

Seafood may be tasty, but fish populations are constantly declining because of overfishing and loss of habitat. When you’re shopping, make sure to buy sustainable seafood whenever possible – just look for the label that proves it’s been ‘sustainably sourced.’

Conserve water

We can help conserve water by taking shorter showers, turning off the tap while brushing our teeth and using a watering can, instead of hose, when watering plants! These might seem like simple things to do, but over the course of a year… and especially over the course of a lifetime you’ll help conserve a lot of water. 

Learn about marine life

We talk a lot about leading by example, but as parents we truly are the greatest teachers to our kids. Taking the time to teach our kids about marine life can help them develop an amazing appreciation for the ocean and inspire them to take action to protect it. Read books with them, watch documentaries as a family and visit an aquarium to learn about the different species of fish, whales, dolphins and other incredible marine creatures. 

Participate in conservation efforts

There are so many organizations that work to protect the ocean and its wildlife. Help your Birdies get involved and participate in these efforts by volunteering as a family or fundraising for organizations that support ocean conservation. 

At the end of the day, kids can play a huge part in the future of our ocean and the beautiful ecosystems that they protect. Teach your kids about the beauty of the oceans and the importance of protecting them. Make simple changes in your daily life, share your love for marine life and take action to raise awareness and support conservation efforts. When we all work together, we can do incredible things for our planet. 

A passion for the planet and our oceans is one of the things that drove Birdie Bean to use bamboo, one of the most sustainable materials out there for clothing production. It’s not only safe on babies skin, it’s also safer for our oceans and environment. 

Help you kids get excited about the ocean and the work that we can all do together to protect them. And do it all in our coziest new marine life collection, out now. Shop our fabulous fishes and share your love of the oceans with your Birdies today