About Us




Texas-born Birdie Bean, the women-owned and operated clothing and accessories brand, has recently been nominated for “Best New Brand Of The Year” by Earnshaw’s Magazine. Birdie Bean was founded by a mom, for moms, caregivers...and children, of course! With a love for design and a drive to create, our founder set out on a mission to initiate a safe and sustainable line of baby items. While also channeling her creative spark, our owner developed a line of practical yet vibrant apparel, accessories, and nursery items that both caregivers and babies could feel confident in growing with. All of our designs are custom-created, hand painted, and crafted with passion.

With a goal to raise awareness for good causes, a portion of our proceeds from limited released items will go directly to charitable organizations who look to promote rescuing animals, child cancer awareness/research and other charities amongst our nation and communities. 

Through our inventive line of children’s apparel, bedding, and accessories, Birdie Bean is building a nest of superior supplies that every family should add to their protocol because happy, healthy children make for a much happier and healthier household. Finally, a brand you can confidently support and stand behind!