5 Reasons We Love the Convertible Romper

Romper or footie? Why not have both in one piece? 

The Birdie Bean Convertible Romper is our one-piece zip romper with the option and ease of being a romper or a footie! It’s also a parent’s best friend when it comes to diaper changes thanks to our 2-way zipper. The perfect combination of cuteness and comfort with those little Birdie toes poking out! 

From preemies to 3T, our Convertible Rompers are an important part of your child’s life from the day you bring them home. Here are five reasons why our Birdie Bean Convertible Romper is a wardrobe must-have for your Birdies. 

Easy for diaper changes

Anyone who’s changed a diaper before knows how complicated it can be when you have a little squirming and an entire romper to pull off. That’s why we wanted to create something that saved parents time on the go and left more time for cuddles! 

Our 2-way zipper opens from the top and bottom, making diaper changes easier than ever. These convertible rompers are a parent's dream come true. Whether you’re doing a diaper change in the middle of the night or you have a squirming kid trying to escape the changing table, this simple design element will be one you fall in love with. 

Designed for comfort

We always choose bamboo viscose fabric for being the softest fabric available. But it’s also breathable and stretchy which means your Birdie will be comfortable no matter the season, the growth spurt, or the activity. 

Our bamboo fabric is seasonless, keeping you cool in the summer and warm and cozy in the winter. 

This piece also stands out because of our fold-over feet on all of our convertible sizes. This allows you to convert from a footed sleeper to a footless romper easily! Your Birdie will grow out of a traditional footie so quickly, but a convertible romper will keep them comfy for months! And if they no longer like to sleep with their toes covered, you can fold the cuffs back for a cute footless pajama. 

We also included fold over mittens up to size 3 months to protect your baby from scratching themselves in the night. 

Room to grow

Kids grow up fast. Our convertible romper is designed to grow with them. The design of our Convertible Romper is designed to give parents something their kids will grow into. Our fold-over feet cuffs that transform this romper into a footie also give your Birdie room to grow. We all know how difficult (and expensive!) it is to keep up with our growing kids. That’s why the convertible option on these rompers gives your kids room to grow. 

Gentle for sensitive skin

Our founder Autumn set out to create clothing that was safe on sensitive skin. All of your Birdie Bean favorites are made from 95% viscose from bamboo. Choosing Bamboo meant choosing a fabric that was safe for our little ones' sensitive skin, and better for the planet. We’ve talked before about why we love bamboo, but one of the biggest reasons is being safe on sensitive skin. 

Bamboo isn’t grown with pesticides, it also doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals after it’s harvested. This means that you’re wrapping your kids up in something naturally gentle on their sensitive skin. 

Safe for sleep

Bamboo is the softest fabric ever. But on top of that, we make sure that our fabrics are never treated with harsh chemicals. We also make sure that each of our convertible rompers is designed to kit snug and safely on your Birdies. 

We guarantee that your kids will have their best night's sleep in all your favorite prints of our convertible romper. 

Our convertible romper comes in every style and print that we launch! And we could give you 100 reasons why we love this best-selling item. But we want to hear from you! What do you love about our Convertible Romper?