5 Ways to Have the Ultimate Indoor Camping Trip This Winter

Hello, Birdies! We recently launched our s’mores and camping collection filled with happy wildlife, smiling s’mores, and memories from our own childhood of weekends spent camping as a family. We want to bring the joy of camping to your family, but winter camping? Usually, a no thank you from us!

Instead of braving the cold, let’s bring camping home! Here’s our guide to planning the ultimate indoor campout! S’mores and wildlife included! 

5 Tips to Have the Ultimate Indoor Camping Trip This Winter 

Featuring our new Camping & S’mores Collection, out now! 

1. Don’t forget the s’mores

Arguably one of the most important parts of camping is the s’mores. And one of the biggest obstacles to s’mores with indoor camping is, of course, the lack of fire.  Like Mother Like, Daughter has the cutest fix for us! Learn how to make indoor s’mores with them here

2. Watch out for wildlife

Kids love imaginative play and this one is going to be particularly fun! Take some of your Birdie's favorite stuffed animals, hide them around the living room (or wherever you’re indoor camping), and let your kids look for ‘wild animals’. 

You can share with your kids what animals they’re likely to see on a family camping trip, and if the activity goes well, try switching roles! Let your kids hide the animals for you to go looking for. 

3. Have a picnic dinner

It’s easy to revert back to the kitchen table for meals… but you're camping tonight! Spread out a picnic blanket and eat dinner on the floor. Really committing to the indoor campsite and camping traditions will help make camping a fun and memorable experience for your kids. And if you’ve never taken your kids camping before, this experience will help get them excited for the real thing! 

4. Gather around the ‘campfire’ for stories

Once again, an indoor campfire isn’t going to light up your living room. Unless you have a fireplace - then go for it! But kids are great at pretending! So take some blankets, pillows, or anything else you have laying around and build a ‘campfire’ together. This is the perfect chance to teach your kids a bit about fire safety and tell campfire stories! 

5. Sleep in your tent & sleeping bags

If you want this experience to get your kids used to outdoor camping, then we suggest setting up your tent and sleeping in sleeping bags. This might involve moving some of the living room furniture out of the way, but it’ll help your kids familiarize themselves with sleeping in a sleeping bag and tent. This will also help you test the camping gear that you have! Is your tent big enough for your little family? Are your sleeping bags comfortable? Warm? Scratchy? What better way to test than when you can adjust and still have a comfortable night? Plus it’s way more fun for your kids when you get to put up the tent! 

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Would you like to take your kids indoor camping this winter? We’d love to know how it goes! Come hang out and chat with us on Instagram @birdiebeanbaby and make sure to let us know how your winter, indoor camping trip goes. And don’t forget to tag us, we love to see your Birdie Bean in the wild.