7 Fall & Halloween Sensory Activities for Kids

If you haven’t noticed… Fall is fast approaching! And here at Birdie Bean, we can’t wait. We’re so excited for Fall and Halloween, especially since we just launched some of our cutest Halloween collections of all time

Last week we shared a pumpkin painting guide geared towards helping you create lasting family memories… without the mess of pumpkin carving. Today we want to keep the theme of family friendly fall activities live and well with a roundup of our favorite Fall and Halloween sensory activities for kids. 

Kids can have a lot of fun with sensory activities and play. But it also offers benefits for their development, including helping your birdies to understand how their actions affect what’s around them. Sensory activities help support good brain development, memory and problem solving skills as well as how to perform complex tasks. 

We’ve found fall themed sensory activities that are also ‘taste safe’ which means even more fun for babies and toddlers. 

7 Fall and Halloween Sensory Activities for Kids

Halloween Cloud Dough

Cloud dough is an incredible parenting ‘hack’ from Rachel over at the Artful Parent. Cloud dough is made from 8 parts flour and 1 part cooking oil and it creates the perfect (safe) texture for kids to explore and play with. 

Rachel recommends adding some cocoa powder to the mixture but she’s also created 7 different themed ‘Cloud Doughs’ for Halloween. You can adjust for your children’s skill level and what you have at home. Check them out here

Halloween Aquafaba

We saw another incredible idea from Rachel over at the Artful Parent – and that was to use the aquafaba from a can of chickpeas to create a taste safe sensory foam! Steal her recipe for making toddler safe aquafaba foam here

Turn this into an amazing Halloween or Fall themed activity by adding pumpkins, plastic spiders and other Halloween themed extras to the foam! 

Play Dough Symmetry (Halloween Edition)

We saw Cara Florence do this activity over on Instagram and naturally – we loved it! Check out how her four year old finished the project on Instagram here

We haven’t always loved play dough because of our birdies always wanting to eat it… but we’ve recently started exploring safe homemade play dough options. With an after school activity like this, having some fun homemade play dough around the house suddenly seems like a very good idea! Try a great recipe here.

Pumpkin Baths

In our recent post about painting pumpkins, we shared a tip that you always want to wash the pumpkins before applying any paint to them! So what is “pumpkin baths” turned into a sensory activity for the kids?! 

Grab your gourds, a bin and some warm soapy water and let the kids explore the pumpkins by having their own pumpkin baths. You can include a brush or sponge that the kids can use, and a towel for drying off the pumpkins when they’re done. 

Eye Balls and PomPoms Sensory Soup

We found this spooky sensory bin from Mandisa at the Happy Toddler Playtime which involves spooky Halloween eyeballs and the bright Halloween colors of pom poms. Your birdies can scoop the ‘soup’ into bowls using ladles and a pair of tongs to help them make sure each bowl gets its fair share of eyeballs! 

We also loved her tips to dry the pompoms after each use so you can keep using them again and again. Learn that and more by visiting her website here

Halloween Fizzing Science Sensory Bin

With a little baking soda and vinegar you can turn this sensory bin into a science experiment for your birdies! This halloween themed sensory activity is brought to us by My Bored Toddler and while it does take a bit of set up, it’s totally worth the joy your kids will have playing in the fizzing foam. 

We love that they also shared a ‘Fizzing Witches Cauldron’ last year that’s perfect for older kids and Halloween parties. 

Edible Glowing Spiderwebs

We found this post sharing ‘edible glowing spiderwebs’ from years ago – and you can instantly tell from this sweet birdies face that he is having the best time! Which is why we had to share this with you. 

You’ll need a few things to make these edible spiderwebs come to life, but we thought they paired perfectly with our glow-in-the-dark pajamas that we share each Halloween! 

  • Thin Rice Noodles
  • Either Tonic Water with Quinine OR Our Edible Glow Water
  • A Blacklight

Follow along with how to make this fun halloween themed sensory activity come to life here

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