The Ultimate Birdie Bean Gifting Guide

The holidays are fast approaching, and we don’t know about you, but this is one of our favorite times of the year! We love the spirit of the season, with an emphasis placed on spending time with your loved ones and creating a cozy home. 

However, we also know that this time of year can come with the pressure of giving… Coming up with the perfect gift for everyone in your life can be stressful and it can take away from the joy this season brings. That’s where we come in! 

We’ve created the ultimate Birdie Bean gifting guide from Christmas to birthdays and baby showers. It’s time to spoil everyone you love, from your in-laws to your partner, to your best friends and your neighbors. This gifting guide goes beyond Christmas, we’ll share gift ideas for all of life’s biggest moments. 

The Ultimate Birdie Bean Gifting Guide

Christmas Gift Ideas from Birdie Bean

Christmas Gifts: for Neighbors and Friends

Last year we shared a guide to help you come up with easy holiday gift ideas for your neighbors. It involved making ‘bake your own’ cake jars and pairing them with our bestselling Birdie Bean aprons. This year we’ve brought back your favorite aprons in our new holiday prints! 

These aprons make the sweetest gifts for friends and neighbors, especially when paired with mason jar treats. 

Shop aprons for neighbors and friends

Christmas Gifts: for the Inlaws 

Shopping for the in-laws can be one of the hardest tasks of the season. We never know what to get our inlaws, but they always manage to spoil us and the kids each year! This year, why not surprise them with adorable matching pajamas? 

Growing up our grandparents always got us grandkids matching pajamas which we would wear at the annual Christmas Eve party. Why not flip that tradition on its head and spoil the in-laws with pajamas that match the kids? 

We’ve launched new prints and styles in our adult loungewear that we know are perfect for everyone on your list! Plus, how cute will it be when they find out they get to match with the little birdies this holiday season? 

Don’t forget to pick up a pair for yourself and your partner. The holidays are, after all, the perfect time of year for matching pajama sets. 

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Christmas Gifts: for Dad

Now, we understand that your husband might not love the idea of matching Christmas pajamas… but he won’t be able to say no when it’s the cutest gift from the kids to him! Plus, as soon as he tries them on, he’ll be hooked. Made from incredibly soft viscose bamboo, this pajama set will quickly become his new favorite. 

Shop pajamas for him. 

Christmas Gifts: for Mom

Alright, Mom, we know you’re the one reading this post! But that doesn’t mean we’re going to leave you out. If your husband is stumped for gift ideas this year, simply send him to our new ‘Ribbed Women’s Lounge Sets’. 

These sets are creamy, and comfortable and come in a variety of colors that you’ll love wearing all year long. ​​From chill weekends to cozy winter retreats, these sets combine classic comfort with a style you’re going to love. They’re the perfect gift for YOU this year. 

Shop pajamas for her

Christmas Gifts: for the Birdies

We can’t forget the kids this holiday season! One of our favorite items that we make is our plush toddler blankets. These blankets are so soft, comforting, and adorable. You’ll find they quickly become your Birdie’s go-to blanket, and they’ll always be grabbing to snuggle up with you on the couch. From cute Christmas and holiday prints to rainbows, there’s something for every kid! 

Shop cuddly blankets for the kids

Baby Shower Ideas from Birdie Bean

Christmas isn’t the only occasion that requires good gift-giving skills. It can also be hard to come up with the perfect baby shower gift for new moms. Oftentimes baby showers are full of adorable gifts for the new baby, but we’re here to give you some ideas for mom too! 

Baby Shower Gifts: the New Mom

New moms have a lot on their plates. They have a new baby to feed, bath, change, and care for… which oftentimes leads to their own self-care falling to the wayside. 

We suggest creating a care package that offers quick and easy ways for her to take care of herself too. Her favorite tea, chocolates for when she’s feeling exhausted, a scented candle that can help her relax. These can all be quick and easy ways for a new mom to show herself some love. 

But what might be the most important gift of all for new moms… the perfect pair of pajamas. And look no further because we have created them for you! These luxurious pajamas are made from bamboo viscose which means they’ll help keep you at the perfect temperature, they’re safe for sensitive skin and they are oh-so-soft. 

So if you really want to spoil a new mom at her baby shower, give her a pair of these gorgeous ribbed pajamas.

Shop pajamas for new moms

Baby Shower Gifts: the New Baby

Of course, new moms will need things like bottles, binkies, diapers, and burp clothes… but sometimes you just want to spoil the new baby with something soft and cuddly. We have a huge selection of adorable lovey comfort blankest perfect for a new baby to grow up with. 

Our lovey’s are comforting and super cozy! Their new baby will love the buttery soft fabric, and they’ll love that they can attach a pacifier or teether for added comfort and soothing. Give them a gift they’ll love for years with our adorable lovey comfort blankets. 

Shop lovey comfort blankets for newborns

Birthday Gift Ideas from Birdie Bean

Lastly, we want to share some unique birthday present ideas that are sure to make someone’s day! We’ve already shared adorable matching pajamas, cozy blankets, and comforting lovey’s, but we still have some precious and unique gift ideas that we haven’t shared yet! 

Birthday Presents: the Birthday Birdie

We have the CUTEST birthday present idea for your birthday Birdie this year! Matching doll and teddy bear outfits. Nothing is cuter than when your little one’s doll or stuffed toy is dressed in a matching outfit! 

What better gift for your kids this year than comfy, soft, matching outfits? These are some of our favorite things we launched this year. They come in two styles: dresses & rompers, plus they come in every print you already know and love! 

Shop matching teddy bears and doll sets

Who do you have to shop for this year? No matter who’s on your list, we hope there’s something at Birdie Bean for them! Don’t forget to hang out with us wherever you’re social (we’re @birdiebeanbaby on Instagram & Pinterest!). We can’t wait to see you in Birdie Bean this Christmas. 

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