Easter Treats & Activities for Kids

Easter is right around the corner, and to celebrate this year we’re sharing a few of our favorite Easter treats and activities for your Birdies this year. You absolutely fell in love with our Valentine’s Day treats and activities so we had to keep the fun going right into Easter. 

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We’ll start with treats to make this Easter – and trust us, some of these are too cute to eat! 

Easter Treats to Make with Your Kids

Bunny Butt Marshmallow Pops

We found these on the Food Network and thought they were too cute! They take 30 minutes to make, and only 10 minutes really to prepare, so they’re an easy treat that your whole family is sure to love. 

A recipe with only three steps that your kids can help with the whole time? We’ll take it! These are bound to become a family tradition in your home. Grab the easy recipe from Food Network here.

Easter Bunny Burrows

What kid doesn’t like dirt cups?! You know… the traditional treat with crumbles of oreo cookies, chocolate pudding and worms poking out? It’s a classic! And now Terri, from Food Meanderings has brought to life an Easter version. The little kid in me was so excited when I saw these. 

This treat is no bake - and once again, only four ingredients. We’re keeping Easter simple this year! Follow along with Terri’s recipe here.

Peeps S’mores (made indoors!) 

No campfire needed! Turn this Easter treat into a family favorite. Peeps have been around forever… So how come we never thought of turning them into s’mores until now?! You can turn this into a family activity by letting your kids assemble the s’mores. 

Allyson from Domestic Superhero came up with this Easter twist, so make sure to follow along her instructions here. It’s no wonder she’s got 5 stars for this recipe – it’s brilliant. 

Just make sure to keep the napkins handy – s’mores are one sticky snack! 

Rice Krispie Nests

Amanda’s Cookin’ has brought us another timeless Easter classic, using an all time favorite Easter treat: Cadbury mini eggs. All you have to do is stuff your rice krispy treats into a muffin tin and leave them to set – giving the treats a nest effect! Then you and your Birdies can fill the nests with eggs and they’re ready to enjoy. These treats bring to life so many Easter traditions from my own childhood, I looked forward to “Cadbury Mini Egg Season” every year as a kid. 

Follow along with Amanda’s Cookin’ here.

Easter Popcorn

What we love about this popcorn is that it not only screams Easter – but also spring! So many fun colors to brighten the mood. Plus, it’s a microwave-only recipe, making it a lot easier to cook with your Birdies. Robin from Mom Foodie is the expert at seasonal-themed popcorn. If you’ve never made one of her recipes then we highly recommend you start with this one

Alright we know that was a lot of sweet treats to share with you! If you’re having a hard time finding food for your picky Birdies to eat this Easter, remind them to be like the Easter bunny! And what does the Easter Bunny love? Carrots! It’s always a fun way to get your kids to eat their veggies when there are so many other, more fun things for them to eat! 

Now let’s hop over to some fun Easter crafts and activities for your Birdies this year.

Easter Activities to do with Your Kids

Easter-themed coloring pages

We found some really cute Easter coloring pages for free from Coloring Home. There are tons to choose from and they range from easy to more complex, meaning you’ll be able to find something for kids of all ages. Break out the crayons and enjoy some coloring this Easter. 

Download free Easter-themed coloring pages here.

Easter Sponge Painting 

Kim from The Best Ideas for Kids has come up with a somewhat messy, whole lot of fun activity for your Birdies this Easter. All you have to do is trace and cut out some sponge shapes and then break out the paints for your kids. You can rinse the sponges well and even save them for next year, so you don’t have to make more! 

Follow along with Kim’s easy instructions here.

Handprint Easter Lambs

Brought to you by Crafts by Amanda, these handprint Easter lambs are too cute. They’re also a lot of fun for kids to make because they get to cover their whole palm in paint! What kid doesn't love that? These will be so cute to look at in a few years when your kids are a bit bigger – and have bigger hands! 

Make these adorable Easter Lambs here.

Crack the Egg - Color Match

Days with Grey’s motto is the best toddler are kept simple. And luckily this simple activity is bound to keep your Birdie busy and thinking, two things we love. It’s simple to set up. You just need to tap a piece of paper on the counter or table and make color splotches, just like in that picture. Then you fill the Easter eggs with colored pom poms and your Birdie gets to crack the egg and match what’s inside with a color on the page. 

Learn more about this fun and simple Easter activity for kids – here.

Shaving Cream Dyed Easter Eggs

Now it just wouldn’t be Easter without dyed Easter eggs! We thought that these shaving cream easter eggs were such a fun twist on classic Easter egg dying that we’ve all done since we were kids! We found this activity from Michelle at Craft Morning – and we love it! Follow along with her steps here.

For more fun ways to dye Easter eggs this year, try these:

No matter how you celebrate, we hope this article has helped you find some fun and delicious ways to create memories as a family this Easter. And don’t forget, these memories are so much sweeter with Birdie Bean. Make sure to shop your favorites from our Easter Collection before they sell out. 

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Come hang out and chat with us over on Instagram (@birdiebeanbaby). We’d love to hear what your favorite activities to do with your family around Easter are!