Fall Family Bucket List from Birdie Bean

If you’re new around here, we love sharing our family bucket lists with you! Birdie Bean is all about family and making sure you stay connected with yours, even when you have a busy schedule. Spending time with the kids is something that we’re very passionate about. 

Our summer family bucket list was a hit! But of course, most of those activities are a bit harder to do when it starts getting cooler outside. So today we’re sharing some of our favorite family activities for fall. Steal our fall family bucket list and don’t forget that fall is even comfier when you’re wearing Birdie Bean! 

A cozy decorated living room with Halloween pumpkins, garland and candles with a white rug and white pillows around.

The Ultimate Fall Family Bucket List

Make sun catchers with fall leaves

Head outside with your Birdies to collect fall leaves! Find your favorite shapes and colors and once you have a bunch, head back inside to create fall sun catchers that will capture the beautiful colors of fall and make patterns dance across your living room. 

What you’ll need:

  • Colorful fall leaves
  • Gallon-size ziplock bags
  • Cheap (clear) hair gel (this helps stick the leaves to the bag!) 

How to make fall leaf sun catchers:

  1. Spread the clear hair gel all around in the ziplock bag
  2. Lay out the leaves inside the bag
  3. Seal and hang up in a window for the sun to catch!

A white porch railing with a black garland that reads: Happy Halloween.

Decorate for Halloween

Decorating for Halloween is an all-out event in our household. Now that our kids are a bit older we always get them involved in the decorating. 

This year we suggest you make your home the spookiest on the block as a family! 

Some fun decorations & crafts that you can make with your kids would be:

A wagon sitting in a pumpkin patch.

Pick your pumpkins from the pumpkin patch

Make a stop at your town's local pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins with your kids! It’s always more fun and memorable than picking up pumpkins from the grocery store. Plus this way you’ll get cute photos and the kids will have a great day out in the fresh air. 

A red sign painted with the word: hayrides in a field.

Go on a hayride 

I bet your local pumpkin patch also offers hayrides. Bundle up this fall and take a hayride with your Birdies! It’s something that we look forward to every year. And don’t forget the hot chocolate with marshmallows! 

A small girl painting a big orange pumpkin.

Decorate pumpkins

As much as I love fall and Halloween, I’m not going to lie to you… I hate carving pumpkins! That’s why you usually find us painting our pumpkins at our house. Painting pumpkins is also something that’s easy for little kids to do since there are no sharp objects involved.

Grab those freshly picked pumpkins, paints, and brushes, and get to work. We usually set up a painting station outside with the kids and let them paint and decorate however they want. 

Cuddle up in your Birdie Bean jammies for movie night

As the weather outside gets cooler, you might find yourself wanting to spend more time together inside. When this happens in our house, we love to set up a popcorn and hot chocolate stand and pull out our favorite fall and Halloween movies. You can cuddle up with your favorite Birdie Bean blankets in matching family pajama sets (how cute!) and settle in for movie night! 

What’s your family's favorite fall or Halloween-themed movie? 

Take a leaf-spotting road trip 

Load the whole family into the car to go leaf-spotting! Look for every color of leaf possible and you can even use this time to collect more beautiful leaves for your sun catchers (see #1!). Loading up my family for our annual leaf-spotting drive is a tradition. We often stop along the way for hot chocolate or apple cider and just enjoy spending the time taking photos and being together. 

Spending time together always makes each season sweeter. Why not make fall even sweeter this year with our new fall collections from Birdie Bean? Perfect for the transitioning weather, these prints and styles are some of our favorites yet! 

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Happy fall Birdies!