Summer Family Bucket List

Hi, Birdies! Today we thought it would be fun to share an end-of-summer family bucket list with you! When summer starts drawing to a close, we are always looking for fun ways to make a few more family memories before the kids are back in school

This year, we’ve decided to share our end-of-summer bucket list with you! 

1. Splash pad day

Most cities and small towns across America have a city splash pad. Our kids LOVE going to the splash pad, so it’s something we make sure we do all summer long. Why not visit the splash pad nearest you with the kids before summer ends? And don’t forget to shop Birdie Bean swim before that collection sells out. Make summer memorable in adorable, bright, comfortable swimwear. 

2. Make popsicles

Who doesn’t love popsicles?! When we found this sour worm popsicle recipe from ‘A Mom’s Take’, we knew we had to share it with you. These fruity, fun popsicles were a hit in our household and we know they’ll be a hit in yours too. 

The best part? They’re only 2 ingredients! Make these fun sour worm popsicles with your kids today. Find the recipe and instructions here

3. Visit the Children’s museum

Easily one of the best ways to beat the heat and spend a day with the kids is at a local children’s museum. You’ll get to blissfully roam in the air conditioning for hours, while the kids explore and learn. If there’s a children’s museum near you, that’s even better. They’re designed for kids, which means your Birdies will have a lot more fun, and you can be more hands-off, letting them take control of the day! 

4. Family movie night (on the big screen!)

Slip into your matching PJs (remember, our bamboo viscose is designed to keep you cool!) and set up the projector for a family movie night, on the big screen. Make popcorn, break out the candy boxes and enjoy cuddling with your Birdies in matching Birdie Bean PJs.

If you have the means, hang a sheet in the backyard and take family movie night outside. Our kids love setting up the backyard with pillows, blankets, and snacks to watch their Disney favorites, as a family. Right now, we’re all about Encanto and Luca! Summer favorites if you ask our kiddos! 

5. Make ice volcanoes

When I saw these ice volcanoes, I knew they needed to go on the family summer bucket list. But beware, they’re a mess to make! The biggest messes also make the best memories though right?? I’ll let you know after we do this one if that rings true! Follow along with Reading Confetti and I’m sure the kids will love this at-home science project with you. 

6. Frozen Sand Sensory Bin 

Earlier this year we shared a frozen sand sensory bin activity with you! And yes! Now we’re adding it to our family summer bucket list. This frozen sand activity is an amazing way to cool off at home. Plus it’s easy to set up, and a low-cost activity that’ll entertain the kids for hours. 

Learn more about our favorite frozen sand sensory bin here

7. Jump around at an indoor trampoline center 

What better way to wear the kids out completely than at an indoor trampoline center?! Indoor trampoline centers give your kids a day to jump to their heart’s content, roam free, and truly wear themselves out.

8. Aquarium 

Hello, dark spaces with air-conditioning and creatures that kids of all ages are happy to stare at for hours. One of our favorite activities as a family is visiting the local aquarium. And no matter how many times we go, our kids never cease to be amazed. That’s why we’ll be adding another visit to the aquarium to our family's summer bucket list this year. 

9. Library Story Time

Did you know that your city library will have several story time hours for kids of varying ages? Our local library also has summer activities like art classes and scavenger hunts that our kids love. Spending at least one afternoon at the library is a must for your summer family bucket list. Plus… another afternoon spent out of the heat, and in the A/C. You can thank us later! 

10. Spend a day at the swimming pool/lake/beach

Whether you live close to a beach, lake, or local swimming center, make sure you add a day out swimming to your summer family bucket list. Pack snacks, plenty of water, and sunscreen, and get out in the water for a whole day! Some of our favorite memories as a family come from days at the lake. Plus it’s the best way to show off your new Birdie Bean swim, that we know you’re going to love. 

Whatever you choose to do as a family this summer, do it in style. We’ve launched the cutest summer prints and styles yet. From Birdie Bean swim to tie-dye and fresh veggies. We know there’s something here for the whole family. 

Not to mention, our bamboo viscose fabric is designed to keep your family cool this summer. So whether you’re headed to the beach, or cuddling up for a family movie, make your summer memories in Birdie Bean this year.

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