Why We Love Bamboo (And You Will Too!)

Have we ever told you why we love Bamboo so much? 

When our founder Autumn set out to create Birdie Bean she wanted to create something sustainable, and long-lasting that was able to give back to our community. Choosing Bamboo meant choosing a fabric that was safe for our little ones' sensitive skin, and better for the planet. But Birdie Bean has turned into so much more than that. With every limited launch collection, we’re able to give back to organizations within our community. This and more, all thanks to bamboo. 

All of your Birdie Bean favorites are made from 95% viscose from bamboo. Here’s why we love bamboo, and why we’re certain that you will too! 

Baby boy wearing our tie dye romper with tie dye toddler blanket

Bamboo is the softest fabric EVER.

How your clothes feel is essential, especially when it comes to your PJs. When you’re comfortable, you and your little ones are more likely to sleep better. We know that bamboo will stay soft no matter how many times you wash it, meaning no more scratchy fabrics, ever. 

Kinder to our Earth 

Little kids grow up FAST. And they are always growing out of clothes and needing new ones which leave you throwing out old ones. That’s why our founder Autumn wanted clothes that she knew were better for the planet. Do you know what plant grows just as fast as our kids? Bamboo. 

Bamboo is actually one of the fastest-growing plants on the planet

And because bamboo grows so quickly, it doesn’t need pesticides, insecticides, fertilizers, or irrigation - which all have negative effects on the environment. But it gets even better than that! Bamboo also regenerates without needing to be replanted. 

All of these elements make bamboo a super plant, unlike traditional fabrics.

Toddler girl wearing our tie dye convertible romper

Gentle on sensitive skin

Because bamboo isn’t grown with pesticides, it also doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals after it’s harvested. This means that you’re wrapping your kids up in something naturally gentle on their sensitive skin. 

Moisture-wicking and breathable

Our bamboo PJs keep you warm and cozy in the winter, and cool in the summer because bamboo viscose is both moisture-wicking and breathable. This means Birdie Bean PJs can be your go-to choice for year-round wear and better sleep. 

Don’t let our thin fabric fool you! Because bamboo is so breathable, it actually helps to release heat or let warm air in, allowing the material to keep you comfortable no matter what temperature it is around you. 

The fiber’s micro-gaps allow for more ventilation and moisture absorption than other fabrics. Plus bamboo viscose dries very quickly, making it  a dream come true if you suffer from night sweats, or live in humid temperatures (hello Texas summer!) 

Our PJs won’t stick to your skin, and they’ll keep you dry and cool! 

Small toddler boy wearing our waves shortie with pocket and blue shorts

Stretchy fabric

Kids grow fast. Why not get PJs that grow with them? Our bamboo viscose PJs are stretchier than cotton, which means when you would normally be needing a size up, they’ll still be loving and rocking their Birdie Bean set. (Hello, money-saving!) 

Plus it’s super comfy for parents who are looking for pajamas to match their little ones without sacrificing comfort. 

Made to last

If your kids are going to be able to wear their PJs for even longer, you’re going to want them to LAST. Luckily for you, Birdie Bean bamboo PJs are durable and strong. Making it the go-to for kids who are always on the move. 

Bamboo also absorbs color better than cotton. That means your PJs won’t fade, helping them to feel new even after 100 washes!

Two small boys wearing our waves pocket tshirt and blue shorts

Better than cotton (every time!)

If you’re considering Birdie Bean bamboo PJs and a cotton alternative, simply go back up and read all of the benefits above! Bamboo is softer, more breathable, produced more sustainably, and it won’t fade! While cotton may be more familiar and cheaper, the value and quality that you’re getting with bamboo will seal the deal! We know it did for us, and we’ll never go back to wearing cotton PJs again. 

Of course, the best way to discover why you love Birdie Bean’s bamboo viscose fabric is to try it yourself! And we’re positive that once you do, you won’t turn back. Shop our latest summer releases to find something for the whole family.