4 Reasons We Love Birdie Bean 2-Piece Pajamas & Blankets

Meet your coziest night of sleep or naptime… EVER

Our 2-piece pajama sets, paired with matching bamboo blankets are the softest (and most adorable) night sleep your kids will ever have. They’re simply the comfiest pajamas and blankets you’ll put your kids in. 

From 18 months to 8 years, our Birdie Bean Pajamas have colors and prints to match every personality, and blankets to match every style and print. If that’s not reason enough to love these bedtime favorites, here are 4 more reasons to get your hands on our bamboo pajamas and blankets this year (especially in our latest Valentine’s day collections — they are too cute!)   

Designed for comfort

We always choose bamboo viscose fabric because it is the softest fabric available. It’s breathable and stretchy which means your Birdie will be comfortable no matter the season or the activity. You can wrap up on the sofa for a movie night or swaddle for a stroller ride on a cool evening. 

But… the very best thing about our bamboo fabric is the fact that it’s seasonless. Bamboo helps you stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter, which means sleeping in Birdie Bean just got that much more comfortable. 

The touch of spandex in our pajamas and blankets also means your kids have room to grow and stretch out. They’ll stay comfortable and well-fitted longer – something we parents are always looking for right? 

Options for warm and cold weather

While bamboo is truly a seasonless material, we know that comfort is the key to a good night's sleep. That’s why we have options for the extremes! During the warmer months, we’ll often release 2-piece pajamas with the option of long pants or short pants and a long sleeve or short sleeve. 

But that’s not all, while you guys LOVE our best-selling bamboo blankets, we also make bamboo plush blankets, with a 100% plush polyester lining, making them the warmest (and cutest) blanket on the market for your kids. 

Gentle for sensitive skin

Our founder Autumn set out to create clothing that was safe on sensitive skin. All of your Birdie Bean favorites are made from 95% viscose from bamboo. Choosing Bamboo meant choosing a fabric that was safe for our little ones' sensitive skin, and better for the planet. We’ve talked before about why we love bamboo, but one of the biggest reasons is being safe on sensitive skin. 

Bamboo isn’t grown with pesticides, it also doesn’t need to be treated with chemicals after it’s harvested. This means that you’re wrapping your kids up in something naturally gentle on their sensitive skin. 

We’re careful never to use harsh chemicals because we know just how important it is to put our Birdie’s safety first. That means our Birdie Bean Pajamas is always safe for your kids' skin. 

Safe for sleep

We also make sure that each of our pajama sets are made to fit true to size, and snuggly for your Birdies. Keeping your kids cozy, without extra loose fabric is an important part of a safe night’s sleep. 

We guarantee that your kids will have their best night's sleep in all your favorite prints with our bamboo 2-piece pajamas and blankets. 

Our blankets and pajamas come in every print we launch! And we could give you 100 reasons why we love these best-selling items. But we want to hear from you! What do you love about a cozy night's sleep with Birdie Bean?