Outfit Staples for Transitioning into Summer with Birdie Bean

Summer has arrived and it’s brought warmer, longer days and lots of sunshine. As always, with the changing of seasons we love to share our favorite staples from Birdie Bean and share with you why bamboo is the perfect summer (and transitional) fabric.

This summer will be even more fun with new swim, towels and matching doll & teddy bear styles. We’re bringing back shorts, our favorite shortie rompers and new dress styles we’ve never sold before. We’re ready for summer, are you?

Summer outfit staples from Birdie Bean

When transitioning to a new season, you always want to focus on layering. The days might be hot but when that sun goes down it can get chilly, so having something on hand to layer with is always a must. If summer nights are cool where you live, check out some of our favorite layering staples

But for the most part the days are going to be hot and we want to make sure that your birdies stay cool and comfortable whether it’s nap time or time for a playdate on the beach. All of our styles coming out right now feature short sleeves and short pant options for those really hot nights. 

Here’s how we suggest filling your Birdies closet for the transition into summer 2023. 

Adorable new swim for kids

Last summer we launched our first Birdie Bean swim and it was a huge success. Parents loved the built-in brief lining and adorable details, so this year we’ve brought it back with even cuter styles. From rash guards that help protect sensitive skin from the sun to ruffles on everything, these new swim styles are just what you need this summer.  

Bamboo dresses

Special occasions call for special dresses! This summer we’ve launched new dress styles with our same breathable and comfortable bamboo fabric. We’ve got dresses with adjustable straps that grow with your birdie and the thing every girl wants - POCKETS! With fun summer prints and colors, our bamboo dresses are just what they need to twirl through summer. 

Short pajamas

We love bamboo because it’s a seasonless fabric. It works hard to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter, but sometimes you still just need to wear less this time of year. Each summer we transition to offering short pajamas (both short sleeves and short bottoms) to make sure that your birdie sleeps in comfort. So, whether your kids sleep hot or cold, we make sure there’s a style to suit them.

Shortie rompers

Our shortie rompers are one of the cutest things we launch each summer. These adorable rompers have snap closures to make diaper changes a breeze and snap details at the shoulder for ease while dressing/undressing. 

Peplum sets

Our peplum sets are just what your little bridies need to stay cute and cool all summer long. We absolutely love the ruffle details on the bummies, and the tops are just the right length for summer. Plus they feature your favorite snap details at the shoulders for easy dressing.

Lounge gowns for mamma

Treat yourself to our bright, fun and definitely breathable lounge gowns to match your little one and sleep comfortably. We don’t think there’s anything better than matching PJs, which is why we always launch matching sets, but this summer we wanted to bring you back a style you love. Shop our women’s lounge gowns for your own transition to hotter nights this year. 

Bamboo sheets and bedding

Lastly, our bamboo sheets and pillowcases are just what your birdies need for a cool night's sleep this summer. Bamboo is 3 degrees cooler than cotton, which means for little ones that sleep hot – this is a must-have fabric for the summer. Our sheets and pillowcases are breathable, gentle viscose from bamboo, with just a touch of spandex for stretchability which means they are designed to ensure comfort and safety for your birdie. 

We talk a lot about the benefits of bamboo. We’re passionate about the sustainability of bamboo, but we also wanted a fabric that was safe for our little ones skin, free from harsh chemicals and perfectly 'seasonless'. We know that when you dress your birdies in bamboo from Birdie Bean this summer, they’re bound to stay cool, comfortable and adorable. 

What are your favorite summer styles from Birdie Bean?

Come let us know and hangout with us over on Instagram (@birdiebeanbaby) and don’t forget to shop your summer favorites before they sell out